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Proper Temporary Buildings Triumph over Marquees

A small sample of recent installations
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Thermo-roof Temporary Powder Storage Building

Bulk Powder Storage in a Temporary Storage Building for a Resin Handling Company in order to meet severe capacity problems.

Temporary Storage Building for Abru

A leading manufacturer of ladders and access equipment in the UK required some temporary storage space. We provided them with this substantial temporary storage building.

Temporary Storage Building for Contract Bottling Company

This company was using off-site storage space but finding the cost of movement and management was adding a considerable (hidden amount) to the overall cost, making the entire process very expensive.

Buy Temporary Storage Building instead of Renting

In some instances it can work out better to buy rather than hire a temporary warehouse building such a this one. When a long term solution is required we will help you make the right choice.

On-Site Warehouse Building for Transportation Company

Portable Venues supplies additional temporary warehouse to a Suffolk Transport company to meet the needs of a growing contract with an existing supplier

Hire Temporary Storage Building not a Storage Marquee

This company need increased production space. But rather than supply a costly solution we provided a temporary warehouse building to free up internal space to meet the increased production demand

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